welcome to my blog!

My name is Julia. I am 22 years old and I live in Germany.
The pictures on the left are mine.
{Yes, that is me in the 3rd picture.}
And the Winter Nights gif is also made by me.
This blog exists since September 1st 2011. I really hope that you enjoy this blog.

Feel free to like and reblog everything you see.You can also send me a Submission.
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alittlechristmasforyou asked: Wow How did you get soooo much followers:0 Amazing blog and beautiful woman ♥ Have a merry time till Christmas:)

Thank you so so very much! :)
& to be honest I don’t know why I have got so many followers. I just post what I love. :)
Have a great day.

Anonymous asked: How many Blogs do you follow?

23 but I’d like to follow more Blogs. xo